Protective Orders

Protective Orders

Whether you are a victim of domestic abuse seeking assistance with obtaining an order of protection or whether find yourself in need of representation after being falsely accused of harassment or abuse - I will adamantly advocate for you before the Court. I have successfully represented many clients involving orders of protection or no contact orders.

The most unique aspect of these particular cases is that the party seeking the order of protection can obtain an “emergency order” without notice to the other party and this “emergency order” will stay in effect until the other party is able to tell his/her side of the events to the Judge.

The advantage of this type of relief is that victims of domestic violence can obtain the protection they need immediately without fear or threat of retaliation from the perpetrator. Unfortunately there are some that abuse this tool for their own advantage by making false allegations against others in order to get an order of protection that prevents the respondent from being in the same location or around his/her children. This is often done in divorce cases regarding children or the marital residence. The effect of this initial order is only temporary, as the Judge also assigns a later court date for what is called a plenary order of protection. Notice is sent to all parties in the case for the plenary hearing in which both sides present evidence to his/her cause and are able to present their case before the Judge. At the plenary hearing the Judge can dismiss the order of protection or extend the order for a period of up to two (2) years. The importance of having representation in these hearings cannot be understated – we have the experience to help.


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