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Mike Fritz has represented numerous families in Peoria, Illinois, throughout all stages of the divorce process.He knows how difficult it can be to find the right person to handle your rights during a very hard time in your life.Contact our office in Peoria today for a free consultation with a divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer in Peoria

Marriage often is a joyful event, in the beginning, but over time things happen and change. After a lot of thinking, you may want to explore your rights for a divorce.

In Illinois, your dissolution of marriage case starts by filing its petition and serving the other spouse with process, unless he or she enters an official appearance with the Court.

A petition for dissolution gives the court the authority and jurisdiction to not only dissolve the bonds of marriage but also to equitably divide the marital estate and to determine parental times and responsibilities of the parties with children involved in the family matter. But that jargon is why you hire a lawyer…

Common Divorce Legal Issues:

many divorces have the same recurrent themes – they are:

  • Parenting Time and Decision Making Authority(formerly referred to custody and visitation)
  • Child Support;
  • Maintenance (commonly referred to as alimony);
  • Exclusive Possession of the Marital residence (evicting a spouse from the residence during the divorce proceedings);
  • Dissipation (unwarranted use of marital funds/assets);

All of these issues will be addressed during of your case. However, please remember that when children are involved – they are the most important. The Child’s Best Interest will be considered in parenting time and child support during your divorce or marital dissolution.

Temporary and emergency motions are often used for child support and maintenance. They are essentially hearings or trials that occur during your case where the Judge makes a formal ruling which can affect such things as parenting time, payment of support and/or maintenance and the exclusive possession of the marital home.

Quickest Path to A Divorce

During my initial divorce consults potential clients always ask two inevitable questions:

  • How much is this going to cost?
  • How long is the process going to take?

The simple answer is that the more amicable the divorce, the faster process and the more money you will save. In certain cases the entire process is resolved in a matter of weeks and the total cost barely affects the total value of the marital estate. On the other hand, clients also hate to hear that if their case is highly contested then the divorce can possibly cost thousands of dollars and could take years to resolve.

An “uncontested divorce” is the most time and cost effective way for couples to obtain a divorce because the parties amicably agree to the terms of their divorce, including parenting time and property rights. Each spouse works with their respective attorney to hammer out the details of the following divorce documents to govern the parties’ respective rights after the judge signs on the dotted line.

  • The “PARENTING AGREEMENT” governs the terms and conditions of subjects such as parenting time, holiday visitation schedule, child support, health care, schooling, religious up-bringing and other issues related to the children.
  • The “MARITAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT” divides the parties’ marital assets and debts acquired during the marriage and further addresses such issues as maintenance (alimony) and retirement accounts.
  • The JUDGMENT FOR DISSOLUTION finalizes the divorce and incorporates the terms of the agreements between the parties and makes them legally enforceable.

Despite the seemingly simplistic nature of an uncontested divorce, complications can arise if done incorrectly. Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC will ensure that your divorce documents completely memorialize the terms of your agreement and finalize the divorce. Contact Michael Fritz or call to schedule your consultation.

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